The Benefits Of Commercial Auto Insurance Arcadia CA

Make sure to cover your business vehicles with commercial auto insurance.

If you’re using your personal auto insurance to cover your business driving needs, you could be in serious trouble. You need a commercial auto insurance policy to protect your business. Check out these benefits to insuring your business with auto insurance.

Personal Policies Won’t Cut It.

Don’t assume that your personal car coverage will cover you in the event that you get into an accident while driving for business purposes. If your insurance company finds that you’re driving for a work-related purpose, your personal policy won’t cover any damages and you’ll be left to pay out of pocket. A business policy will, however, give you the right coverage.

Increased Liability Coverage.

When you use a vehicle for your business, your suddenly strapped with more responsibility. Not only do you have to look out for yourself, but for the business, employees, and consumers. While a regular personal policy covers individuals, it doesn’t provide nearly as much liability coverage as a commercial auto insurance policy. To ensure that your business is safe, invest in commercial auto insurance.

Coverage for Your Employees.

When you take out a business auto insurance policy, it usually covers your employees too. That way they can drive a company car or in certain cases, your commercial coverage extends to your employees when driving their personal vehicles.

Insurance Extends to Rented Vehicles.

Ever need to rent or borrow a vehicle? Have no fear when it comes to coverage. Your business coverage extends to damages on hired vehicles should they be used for your business practices.

Protects You from Theft.

Ever advancing technology may help you find your way, but fancy car accessories such as your new GPS system make you a prime target for theft. Should your vehicle’s electronics get stolen, your commercial car insurance has you covered.

If your business requires you to drive, you need commercial auto insurance. To ensure that you have the best coverage, be sure to contact the professionals at Weaver & Associates Inc. Our team in Arcadia, California, provides you with dedicated service and insider expertise when finding the best personal and business insurance for your needs.