Valentine's Day Jewelry and Insurance

Protecting Your Special Gift For Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is a lovely day when schoolchildren exchange candies and coworkers bring cookies to the office. If you are in love, the holiday also presents the opportunity to invest in more expensive gifts to show your beloved how much you truly care. Whether you are thinking of getting your love a diamond ring to give continual reminders of your love each day she wears it or shelling out for that mega-big flat screen you know he will love during the playoffs and beyond, it is important that these pricey presents have insurance coverage so you will not be on the hook for replacing them.

Many homeowners assume that their homeowners insurance will cover anything they buy, but most homeowner’s insurance policies have limits on the valuables they are able to pay to replace. When it comes to insuring your jewelry and other expensive gifts, ask your insurance agent about the best way to get the proper level of coverage.

Your agent will be able to guide you to the best way to get your gift covered no matter what life brings. If you assume your homeowners insurance will cover the gift, you may find that even if policy limits do not come into play other factors—such as damages from an uncovered cause—can keep your policy from protecting it. For example, would your homeowners insurance cover you if you lost your jewelry? Ask your agent how to safeguard your gift no matter what happens.

Do not let your sweet gift be spoiled by risking financial loss should something happen to it. Contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia for all of your California homeowner’s insurance needs. Our dedicated team can help you get the coverage each of your valuable personal possessions deserves. Put extra thought into your gift this year by calling us today to get it insured!