Wildfire Preparedness Tips

Protect yourself from wildfire disasters!

Any natural disaster can be dangerous. In California, however, it’s not just earthquakes that you have to worry about. With lots of dry brush and hot temperatures, wildfires are a major issue when it comes to hazards in California. In 2015, a study conducted by CoreLogic estimated total damages from wildfires at $237 billion dollars. While you may think that your homeowners insurance has you covered, that may not be the case. You need special coverage to protect you from wildfires. Ensure that you’re prepared for a wildfire with the right insurance and these wildfire preparedness tips.

Maintain Your Property.

Be sure to eliminate as many risks as possible. Dry debris and plants pose an increased fire risk. Keep your gutters and roof clean of any debris and ensure that your plants and trees are pruned and healthy. You’ll help to protect your home, by reducing your fire risk.

Keep A Home Inventory.

Be sure that you have a detailed description of all your possessions. In the event of any home damages, you want to ensure that your insurance claim is processed correctly. As fire season approaches, be sure to update your home inventory. That way you know exactly what you have in your home. Once you’ve updated your inventory, be sure to keep a few copies in separate, safe locations. You want to ensure that your inventory is safe from disaster too.

Create A Plan.

Don’t wait until disaster hits to react. Be prepared ahead of time. Establish a emergency wildfire plan with your family and keep an emergency kit handy. Be sure it’s complete with food, water, blankets, flashlights, extra batteries, and a first-aid kit.

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