Arcadia Auto Insurance and Car RecallsWhen you start your search for a new car, safety is usually the top concern. Nowadays, cars come complete with more safety features than ever before! However, it is not uncommon for a recall to be issued for your make and model at some point in time. Over 17.8 million cars were recalled for safety issues in the past year! It is important to understand the affect a recall may have on your auto insurance policy. Here are a few bits of information you may like to know:

  • Your insurance rate will not go up due to a recall.
  • Your auto manufacturer will be responsible to make the repairs, not your insurance carrier.
  • It can be beneficial to give your insurance agent a copy of the documentation of the repairs that have been made.
  • If the recall parts cannot be corrected, it may impact the safety of your vehicle. If this is the case, your auto insurance rate may be affected.
  • If the recalled parts negatively affect the value of your car, your monthly insurance rate may actually go down.
  • It is important to get every recall repair taken care of. If you fail to do so, you risk your insurance rate rising due to the increased safety concern of your car.
  • If the car you own, or are considering to buy is famous for having recalls, you should reconsider your purchase.

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