Amongst all the paint swatches, receipts, and new furniture of home remodeling, insurance is the last thing on your mind during the remodeling of your home. Although focusing on insurance can be tough with the stress of remodeling, it can prevent plenty of costly mistakes.

In order to stay protected when hiring a contractor make sure that your contractor is insured. If your contractor does not have insurance and gets injured on your property they could hold you responsible. If you decide to be your own contractor to save a bit of money and hire others to work on your home you can also be responsibly in the time of an accident and may have to cover medical costs.

Do it yourself projects can be fun but if you manage to finish your project and years later something goes wrong, the damage may not be covered. Damage caused by accidental occurrence is covered but damage caused by improper workmanship is not. When making any additions to your house or remodeling your home make sure to contact your insurance company about the change of replacement value to reduce potential loss.

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