Arcadia New Car Buying TipsAre you in the market for a new car? Whether you are looking for a used vehicle or a brand new car, it is important that you follow some basic new car buying tips. Despite popular disbelief, there is a best time to buy a car and a less optimal time to buy a car. We want your car purchase transaction to go as smoothly as possible, which is why we have gathered some expert car buying advice:

  • When you are inpatient and urging to purchase a car, car dealers will take advantage of your extreme tendencies and push you to purchase the car. Rather than walking into the dealership ready to make the deal, do your research well in advance.
  • Timing is key! Whenever numbers drop or new models come in, car dealers are looking to sell. During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, many dealerships look like a deserted building. This is a great time to buy because they will be more inclined to negotiate a sale. Likewise, when new models come in during the end of September, car dealers are trying to get older models out of the lot.
  • Most importantly, be prepared to walk away if the car dealer is not giving you the price you are looking for.

Once you have decided to purchase a car, the dealer will ask you whether or not you want to purchase mechanical breakdown coverage or an extended warranty. Mechanical breakdown coverage will extend your warranty life and provide you with additional protection. No matter how spot on they are in selling you the product, it is important to note that this extra form of protection is a great deal cheaper when purchased through your insurance agent as opposed to the dealership. Simply call us at Weaver & Associates Inc. within 21 days of purchasing your car for optimal protection.

Contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia for all of your California auto insurance needs. We can assist you in insuring your new car to the fullest. We also offer less expensive mechanical breakdown coverage for new car buyers.