With all their newfound free time your kids will be jumping off the walls looking for things to do to keep them entertained. Staying active will not only improve your child’s focus but can also benefit a healthy attitude. These fun activities for kids will help keep your kids away from their TV and cellphones and will encourage them to be more active.

Give your kids some time to play outside. You can help encourage this active behavior by purchasing inexpensive play things like jump ropes, tennis rackets, and hula hoops. Suggest activities for the outdoors such as tug of war or digging for worms and your kids will soon take over with their own imaginative ideas.

Games like volleyball or basketball can be fun for even adults and will help you keep fit on top of encouraging your kids to get outside. Set a good example for your kids by being active yourself. Get together with some friends and invite your kids out for a group activity like hiking or biking.

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