Car Maintenance Tips Arcadia CA

Maintain your car to stay safe on the road!

Keeping your car in great shape keeps both you and your car safe. Just like how you eat healthy, exercise, and visit the doctor to stay healthy, your car needs a little attention to ensure it stays healthy. Make sure to stay up on your auto maintenance with these tips.

Change the oil.

Be sure to routinely change the oil in your car. How frequently you should do so depends on what your auto manufacturer recommends, but, a good rule of thumb should be every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.

Practice safe driving habits.

Following the speed limit may not sound very exciting, but it can help keep your car healthy longer. Driving at higher speeds can often put added stress on your vehicle making it more likely to have mechanical issues.

Keep up on your tire maintenance.

Your tires are essential to a safe ride. Be sure to maintain your car’s tires. You should regularly check the tire pressure, rotate your tires, and replace them when they start to wear and tear.

Check your fluids and filters.

From brake fluid and coolant to windshield washing fluid, keeping up on your car’s fluids is important for proper function. Be sure to check them every so often to ensure that they’re in good condition.

Check your windshield wipers.

The outdoor elements put lots of stress on your car, specifically the windshield wipers. They can be cracked or torn which significantly reduces function and, therefore, your visibility in the rain. Be sure to replace them once in a while.

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